Dimis fine jewellery is a family owned and run jewellery manufacturing business open to the public.

After many years of working for other workshops in many different countries, we now opened our workshop and showroom in the Brisbane CBD.

Now we are committed to help you with all your jewellery and fashion needs. We also understand the importance of education and transparency. You are welcome with any enquiries or get the hands-on experiences by attempting one of our courses.

The Industry

The jewellery manufacturing is quickly losing master craftsman. Not enough young people are getting into the industry, and they are also not getting proper training in the old traditional ways. That is due to many factors. Above all times are changing, and we are all time poor. Young people are not prepared to invest the time to improve on their hand skills. With jewellery making you never stop learning, it is only with extreme patience and endless passion that you can succeed. The other major factor for the decline in hand made jewellers is the constant improvement in technology. Computer generated jewellery may look same to most people, but it does not last like a handmade one. Cheaper mass-produced stocks have been flooding the market for same time now. Consumers are happy to pay low price, but very soon the time comes to repair, the cost of which in most cases will be more than what the purchase price was. Only then it becomes obvious, there is nothing more expensive then the cheapest.

Our Goal

Our vision is to provide an outstanding service, an extraordinary and timeless products that give our customers a scenes of never ending satisfaction, to them as well as to their grandchildren. 

Our Promise

At Dimis fine jewellery we have a lifetime guaranty and a trade in so you will never be left dissatisfied or disappointed. Most of all, you will find the honest truth about what it is you are purchasing and a fair price. 

About The Team

Master Jewellers

      Peter Bianco Tzvetkov with 45 years experience

      Dimitar Petkov Tzvetkov with 21 years experience

Business Operations

      Margarita Bianco (Marketing and Sales)

      Ju-Lan Yang Tzvetkov (Accountant)

      Vassil Petkov Tzvetkov (Graphics and Website Designer)

About Our Jewellers

Peter Bianco Tzvetkov started working as a jeweller in Bulgaria in 1968. He learned from a master jeweller from Russia in one of the largest government owned workshops in the country. He quickly raised up through the ranks, but when the opportunity to immigrate to Australia raised, he didn't hesitate. Peter loves nature as well as unique handcrafted objects. All that is reflected in his work. His main role at Dimis now is to create new and unique products. He also does stone carving and sculpture.

Dimitar Petkov Tzvetkov born in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. He came to Australia with his family when he was 13 years old. He started working at his father's home workshop in Bundaberg Qld at the age of 15. Then he completed his apprenticeship just before he was 20 years old. Extremely young and ambitious, he moved to Brisbane and got his first job as a jeweller in the Brisbane CBD with a very well-known and master craftsman Wolfgang Shwantes. After two years of working in the very busy high-end diamonds jewellery workshop, Dimitar got an opportunity to work with one of Australia's best contemporary jeweller’s Barbara Heath. He was spending 2 years side by side with Barbara and Juan, Barbara’s right hand and outstanding master jeweller, in the workshop at New Market. Dimitar gained the experiences in working with many different metal allows and cut gemstones.

Then he decided to go to Europe to obtain world class experience. He was starting at London in a studio at Hatton garden with Mickey Cohen. Dimitar was manufacturing high-end jewellery. He made a diamond pendant that was to their surprise purchased by Kate Moss.

Then he moved to Barcelona Spain, for 18 months he was working in the Gothica the old part of the city. In a busy studio owned by Alberto Lobo, a Mexican designer. Dimitar armed with confidence and experience, he quickly earned a senior role in manufacturing.

Dimitar then decided to go the Netherlands with his partner at the time, he renovated the shop and opened his first studio. He really enjoyed working closely with many very well skilled goldsmiths and silversmiths. After 4 years, Dimitar decided to go back to Australia.

He started to work in the manufacturing department at the head office of Michael Hill.

It was the biggest workshops he has worked in and with that came a lot new experiences, and a lot of big ideas. It has taken another 5 years of working in Brisbane with the leaders in the industry. Finally Dimitar has his dream workshop and showroom open.

Jewellery Making Courses

SPECIAL OFFER  20 march - 30 april

How Does It Work?     

       ▪  We are offering one to one tutorial.

       ▪  Three hours per session.

       ▪  You can bring your own project that is challenging you to work on.

       ▪  A project can also be customized for you.

How Will It Benefit Me?

       You will be trained by a Master Jeweller with 21 years manufacturing experiences.  

How Much Will It Cost?

       Fees:   $90 per session       $240 for 3 sessions       $380 for 5 sessions.

How To Enrol?

       Simply enquire via email: